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Pigmacolor antifoaming agent S 35

Liquid defoamer containing silicone oil and special surfactants.

Areas of use:
textile industry, paints and coatings

Main characteristics:
— effective at low dosages;
— good control of foaming of auxiliary and production processes
— effective foam control in many production processes
— production and development of chemicals
— textile industry
— production of paints and coatings

Chemical nature:
mixture of silicone oil with surfactants

Typical properties:
Appearance — white liquid
pH level: 3.0 — 6.0
Viscosity: 1000 — 2000 cps
Packing: 60 kg PE drums / 1,000 kg eurocubes
Shelf life: 12 months at temperatures from 5 to 35 ºС
Frost resistance: do not allow freezing. If frozen, must be stirred before use. The product is stable for a year from the date of manufacture.
Security: no special conditions

Pigmacolor antifoaming agent S 35 shows very low foaming at dosages of 0.2 — 0.5% antifoam. Can be used over a wide pH range.

Before using this product, we advise you to carefully read the Safety Data Sheet.

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