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The pigment pastes of the Pigmarama AD and PI series are concentrated pigment dispersions stabilized with a special mixture of surfactants.

Pigmarama AD and PI series pigment pastes have the following advantages:

— excellent compatibility with polymer dispersions
— mix with each other in any variations
— easy introduction into the mass of the product
— can be easily used for tinting with the specified parameters
— high degree of color saturation and gloss
— easy to obtain deep saturated colors
— very good resistance to segmentation
— low foaming

It is possible to develop pigment pastes for individual needs, depending on the physical properties of the base pigments.

The Pigmarama AD series of pastes is mainly intended for tinting water-based paints, plasters and decorative materials.

It is also possible to use acrylates, latexes, water-based wood coatings, varnishes for tinting, however, it requires laboratory tests at the beginning.

The Pigmarama PI range of pastes is mainly intended for tinting water-based flexographic inks and gravure inks, especially for all types of cardboard and paper.

Important information:
especially important is the selection of the right pigments in materials that are intended for outdoor use. In this regard, testing is a mandatory procedure.

Packing: barrels 30 — 40 kg

Before using this product, we advise you to carefully read the Safety Data Sheet.

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