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Kemiline SS 323

Non-plasticized styrene-acrylic binder for the production of coatings with permanent tack, packaging adhesive tapes on various bases.

Areas of use:
adhesive for labels and tapes

Main characteristics:
— forms an elastic, transparent and sticky film
— gives very good initial tack and cohesion
— applicable on all types of standard and modern machines

Chemical nature:
styrene-acrylic polymer emulsion

Typical properties:
Appearance: slightly viscous cloudy liquid
Dry residue: 49 — 51%
pH level: 3.0 — 6.0
Viscosity: Max: 600 cps
MFFT / TG: 0 ºС / -30 ºС
Packaging: 120 kg PE drums / 1,000 kg eurocubes
Shelf life: 12 months at temperatures from 5 to 35 ºС
Frost resistance: store at positive temperatures
Security: no special conditions

Kemiline SS 323 can also be used on metal, paper, PVC, PP and PE surfaces. Creates an excellent balance between peel strength and shear strength when applied at 10 to 15 g/m2.
Kemiline SS 323 provides very good initial tack and cohesion with economical use. Ready for use.

Before using this product, we advise you to carefully read the Safety Data Sheet.

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