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Kemiline NW 145

Very tough styrene-acrylic binder for nonwovens and fiber impregnation.

Scope of application:
non-woven textile materials, impregnations and laminations

— very hard polymer
— excellent bonding ability
— high level of dry residue
— cross-linked polymer

Chemical nature:
styrene-acrylic cross-linked thermopolymer

Technical data
Appearance: low viscosity white liquid.
Dry residue: 49 — 51% (1 g, 30 min at 150 ° C)
pH level: 2.0 — 4.0 (at 20 °C)
Viscosity: Max. 300 cps (Brookfield 1/50 at 20°C)
TG / MFFT: 45 °С - 40 °С
Packing: 120 kg PET barrels / 1000 kg euro container
Shelf life: 12 months at 5 — 35 °C.
Stability: do not freeze
Security: no special conditions

Kemiline NW 145 can be mixed with other types of Kemiline
to get different properties. Kemiline TA 332 can be used as a thickener.

Before using this product, we advise you to carefully read the Safety Data Sheet.

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