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Kemiline CE 930 EU

Universal styrene-acrylic binder. Recommended mainly for use in cement mixtures, flexible coatings and sealants.

Applications: construction chemicals and coatings.

Main characteristics:
— unplasticized
— does not contain APEO
— waterproof and highly flexible
— improves the physico-chemical properties of cement mixtures
— high degree of wear resistance
— the dried film has a high degree of stretching (more than 1400%)
— resistance to aging of the coating
— does not require marking on the packaging in the EU countries

Chemical nature:
styrene-acrylic polymer emulsion.

Typical properties:
Appearance: low viscosity liquid
Dry residue: 58 — 60% (1 g. 30 min. at 150 ºС)
pH level: 6.5 — 9.0 (at 20 ºС)
Viscosity: max. 1,000 cps (Brookfield, 3/100 at 20°C)
MFFT / TG: -10ºС / < 1ºС
Packing: 120 kg PET drums / 1,000 kg eurocubes
Shelf life: 12 months at temperatures from 5 to 35 ºС
Frost resistance: store at positive temperatures
Security: no special conditions

Kemiline CE 930 EU does not require the addition of plasticizers as it has a very low TC and MWL. For cementitious compounds, Kemiline CE 911 EU can also be used as a second component. Kemiline TA 332 can be used as a thickener.

Important conditions for storage and use of the product:

— the product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production indicated on the label and indicated in the certificates of analysis, when stored at a temperature of 5 to 35 ºС, away from sunlight in a cool, dry place.

— the product must be stored under hygienic conditions to avoid microbiological attack, although it contains certain biocides. Addition of additional biocides may be required depending on site conditions such as high storage temperatures and suspected product contamination during handling. Bulk material storage tanks need to be checked and cleaned from time to time depending on the conditions.

— avoid direct contact of metal parts with this product during storage and use. It is recommended to keep storage tanks, IBCs and drums tightly closed to avoid moisture loss and to keep headspace saturated with water vapor to prevent skin formation at the top and protect the product from microbiological attacks.

— material packed in IBC and drums is recommended to be mixed before use. The product may form lumps and peel due to its film-forming nature. For this reason, it is recommended to strain through a coarse filter before use.

— handle the product with normal safety precautions. Material safety data sheets must be read before using the product. It is recommended to use personal protective equipment such as gloves and goggles when handling the product.
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Before using this product, we advise you to carefully read the Safety Data Sheet.

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