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Hisol D 307

Alkaline associative thickener

Hisol D 307 APEO-free HASE (alkali swellable associative) thickener for waterborne paints and coatings and inks. Hisol D 307 has excellent pigment wetting properties. Compared to HEC, paint thickened with Hisol D 307 shows better flow and higher high shear viscosity.

Main advantages:
— inks thickened with Hisol D 307 show a high degree of resistance to delamination and sagging over a long period of storage and a low level of problems with flocculation of pigments after drying
— paints thickened with Hisol D 307 show good flow properties and less spatter compared to HEC
— paints thickened with Hisol D 307 show high resistance to microbiological contamination by bacteria and their waste products and, accordingly, resistance to loss of viscosity
— in formulations based on Hisol D 307, it is easier to achieve repeatability of the viscosity of the final products compared to the use of cellulose thickeners
— inks thickened with Hisol D 307 are more resistant to changes in viscosity during storage. Also stable under tropical, freeze-thaw conditions.

Appearance milky: white liquid
Solids content, %: 29 — 31
Viscosity, cP: <50
Density: 1.052
pH: 2.5 — 4.5
Ionicity: anionic
Solvent: does not contain APEO

Safety and use:
avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Wear impervious rubber gloves and goggles/face mask when working. For handling/work where contact is possible, a safety shower and eye wash station/equipment should be provided.
Use should be in a well ventilated area. Additional details can be found in the MSDS sheet.

Store in a closed container at 5℃—40℃.

— 200 kg plastic drum

Before using this product, we advise you to carefully read the Safety Data Sheet.

For more information, please contact us:
Phone +38 (048) 704 53 62

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