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Hiresol CC 1

Urethane rheology modifier

Hiresol CC 1 is a non-ionic urethane associative thickener (HEUR) designed to thicken water based coatings.
Hiresol CC 1's main thickening mechanism is to build a bond between the thickener and the binder/pigment colloidal particles. Thus, due to the formation of these bonds, such a negative effect as flocculation of pigments, which is common when using a non-associative thickening system, is reduced.

Main advantages:
— excellent performance in transparent systems
— low odor
— solvent-free, designed for low VOC coatings
Provides very good smudge resistance

Appearance: Slightly cloudy viscous liquid
Solids content %: 29 — 31
Solvent: water
Viscosity, mPa: 7500 - 10000
Density: 1.01 — 1.015
pH: 6 — 8
Ionicity: non-ionic

Applications and recommended dosages:
HIRESOL CC 1 is designed as an associative thickener that increases and stabilizes viscosity by forming bonds between polyurethane, binder molecules and pigment particles. Hiresol CC-1 can be used in various formulations of exterior and interior paints and coatings with an average level of PVC. Partially suitable for use in formulations based on vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE/EVA) dispersions.

The recommended dosage is in the range of 0.2 — 1.0% of the total weight.
Hiresol CC 1 offers excellent sag resistance compared to HEC.

Hiresol CC 1 can also be used as a rheology modifier in clear systems based on pure acrylic dispersions and VAE dispersions. The dosage depends on the binder and is in the range of 0.4% — 2%.

Hiresol CC 1 provides excellent sag resistance compared to conventional thickeners on the market.

Hiresol CC 1 can be used alone or in combination with Hiresol high shear types or other types of thickeners.
The recommended dosage is in the range of 0.2 — 2.0% for the total formulation, and depends on the amount of pigments and fillers, the type of binder and emulsifier and co-solvent.

Safety and use:
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Wear impervious rubber gloves and goggles/mask when working. For handling/work where contact is possible, a safety shower and eye wash station/equipment should be provided.
Use should be in a well ventilated area. Additional details can be found in the MSDS sheet.

Store in a closed container at 5℃—40℃.

— 200 kg plastic barrel
— 1 ton IBC

Before using this product, we advise you to carefully read the Safety Data Sheet.

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