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Hiresol 1800

Urethane rheology modifier

Hiresol 1800 is a non-ionic urethane associative thickener (HEUR) designed to thicken water based coatings.

Hiresol 1800's main thickening mechanism is to build bonds between the thickener and the binder/pigment colloidal particles. Thus flocculation of pigments is minimized by this thickening mechanism.

Hiresol 1800 rheology modifier allows inks to be formulated with a Newtonian rheology profile and high film wear resistance combined with excellent water and alkali resistance. The use of co-solvents to optimize some formulations does not adversely affect the performance of Hiresol 1800.

Main advantages:
— medium thickening effect, moderate paint flow and leveling.
— high degree of gloss.
— due to the absence of solvents, it is intended for paints with a low VOC content.
— low odor
— low level of foaming.
— excellent viscosity stability during long-term storage.
— provides resistance to segmentation and reduces delamination.
— high quality film.
— excellent resistance to splashes and smudges.
— resistance to microbes and their enzymes.
— due to low viscosity, easy handling

Appearance: Slightly cloudy viscous liquid
Solids content, %: 19—21
Viscosity, mPa: <5000
Density: 1.045
pH: 6 — 8
Ionicity: non-ionic

Formulation of recipes:
Hiresol 1800 can be used in a wide range of paint and coating formulations, including environmentally friendly, low VOC, formaldehyde free and ammonia free. It is particularly suitable for the following types of formulations:

— paints based on typical film-forming latex binders.
Highly transparent, high strength coatings for exterior mineral substrates where enhanced hiding power and superior durability (alkali and water resistance) are required

— for interior paints, Hiresol 1800 is compatible with all types of emulsions, allowing formulations with excellent technical characteristics as well as excellent handling properties

— in glossy paints it is recommended to use in combination with hydrophobic acrylic binders for small particles. The excellent flow and leveling properties of Hiresol 1800 Rheology Modifier, combined with its glossy properties, make it ideal for this application.

Safety and use:
avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Wear impermeable rubber gloves and goggles or goggles when working. For handling/work where contact is possible, a shower and eyewash station should be provided.
Use should be in a well ventilated area. Additional details can be found in the MSDS sheet.

Store in a closed container at 5℃—40℃.

— 200 kg plastic barrel
— 1 ton IBC

Before using this product, we advise you to carefully read the Safety Data Sheet.

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