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Hique 2038

Product description:
Hique 2038 is an opaque styrene-acrylic emulsion for opacity in waterborne paints and coatings.
Hique 2038 provides the most effective coverage in interior and exterior paints.

Hique 2038 offers a cost-effective way to improve hiding power while reducing the cost of raw materials in the formulation.
Hique 2038 does not contain APEO.

Hique 2038 has a particle size of 1.0 µm.

Main advantages:
— increases the efficiency of light scattering to improve opacity
— excellent efficiency in recipes
— does not contain APEO and has a low level of VOC

Appearance: milky white liquid
Solids content %: 25 — 27
Viscosity, cP: <150
Density: 1.012
pH: 8.5 — 9.5

Benefits of replacing with a Hique product
— when replacing some particles of titanium dioxide in the formulation with Hique 2038, the hiding power improves
— when replacing some particles of calcite in the formulation with Hique 2038, wear resistance improves
— when replacing some particles of calcite in the formulation, the cost of the formulation is reduced and a film with better hiding properties is obtained

Safety and use:
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Wear impervious rubber gloves and goggles or a face mask when working. Safety showers and eyewash equipment should be provided for work where contact with the material is possible. Use should be in a well ventilated area. Additional details can be found in the MSDS sheet.

Store in a closed container at 5℃—40℃.

Before using this product, we advise you to carefully read the Safety Data Sheet.

For more information, please contact us:
Phone +38 (048) 704 53 62

Serpa does not recommend the use of these products where patent or other rights may be infringed.

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